Your Liquor License Is At Risk If Your Government Approvals Are Not Current

To run a restaurant, bar or any other business in the District for that matter, you need the approval of several government agencies, not just the ABC Board.  Of course, you know that.  You probably remember when you first got your license, you had to show the licensing staff at ABRA that your company is Read more about Your Liquor License Is At Risk If Your Government Approvals Are Not Current[…]

Are You Breaking The Law By Selling Cups?

Yes, cups, innocuous plastic, Styrofoam, paper cups.  If you are licensed to sell or serve alcohol, it is illegal for you to sell for a nominal charge or give away cups to your customers to consume alcohol off premises. To use the statutory language, it is a violation for an establishment to provide a customer Read more about Are You Breaking The Law By Selling Cups?[…]

D.C. Office & Commission on Nightlife

The City Council introduced legislation enabling the creation of the Office & Commission on Nightlife(B-22-508). I put the link to the proposed legislation right upfront this time because I realize that what follows might be described as a light rant about how a Commission on Nightlife would not be necessary to advise the Mayor, if Read more about D.C. Office & Commission on Nightlife[…]

Dining with Dogs

It is now legal for restaurant owners to allow patrons to bring pets into the outdoor seating areas provided certain conditions are met. Personally, I had no idea that allowing dogs in outdoor seating areas of restaurants was illegal. I have seen this, for years, all over the city, and frankly, thought nothing of it. Read more about Dining with Dogs[…]