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I provide legal counseling, compliance and litigation services to small and medium-sized businesses primarily in the industries of behavioral health, food and alcoholic beverage service, and real estate in the District of Columbia
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Real Estate Services

I offer a wide range of services for real estate business including: Commercial and Residential Landlord & Tenant matters; Commercial lease negotiation, enforcement, termination; Regulatory and rent control compliance; Tenant purchase (TOPA) compliance and enforcement; Condominium & cooperative creation and governance

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Bars & Restaurants

If you run an establishment that has a liquor license, leave the legal and compliance worry to me, and you can focus on serving your customers. Whether you have applied for a new license or transfer, renewal or substantial change of an existing license I can take you through the process. I also represent owners in ABC Board hearings and every other conceivable legal hurdle that an owner may face.

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Litigation Services

Whether you have been sued and need to protect your business, or reached an impasse in a dispute and you need to assert your rights in court, I offer a thoughtful, common sense, and cost-effective approach to litigation. 

Counseling - Compliance - Litigation

Client Centered Representation

Here is what it means...

I believe that to be most effective as a lawyer, I need to be intimately familiar with my clients' business environment. Every week, I walk to my downtown DC office at least once. The walk gives me time to think about the day ahead, sometimes return phone calls, but, mostly, observe, from the ground, the day-to-day realities of a small business owner in our city. I see deliveries to restaurants, watched by a bleary-eyed owner, to ensure nothing "falls off the truck." I see new franchises and "superstores," making margins even tighter for the family-owned business. Construction cranes are everywhere, and new buildings are rising, seemingly overnight, as developers vie for disappearing real estate stock. I also see other people like me, scurrying to their offices early in the morning. It is no surprise that burnout and depression among professionals are increasing exponentially. The swell of need, coupled with insurance laws, has increased the pressure on behavioral health care providers. The corporate competition and regulatory environment in the District cause small businesses to fail at an alarming rate. As an owner, you need to focus all of your time and energy on serving your clients to build your business. In order to do that, you need a professional on your side, to handle legal compliance. I am here to help you navigate the regulations so that your business can thrive.

  • I tailor fee agreements to meet the unique needs of your matter. While I offer a traditional hourly billing option, I also accept some cases on a flat-fee basis; subscription-based model, where you pay a monthly fee for recurring services; and a hybrid hourly/contingency option where I accept a reduced hourly rate during the course of your matter, and additional fees if the representation yields a favorable result. Visit the "Fees" Page for more details.

  • Typically, lawyers do not accept limited, partial, or piecemeal engagements. However, in today's business climate, customers want everything to be a' la carte. Customers want customization. With the ready availability of information today, clients want to take an active role in the legal aspects of their business. Even if most of my profession is not, I am willing to change with the times, and do things the “new way.” So if you want to hire me for a consultation, or to review a contract, memorialize a settlement agreement, check a regulatory application, provided that it can be done responsibly, I will provide those unbundled services. Visit the "Fees" page for more details, or if you already know what unbundled service you need, book an appointment now, and select your service from the menu when scheduling.

  • Like you, I own a small business. When I get busy, it becomes more difficult to stay in touch, so I put the scheduling in your hands. If you want to meet with me or have a call, there is no email or phone tag. As a client, or someone considering hiring me, all you need to do is visit the “Book Appointment” page and schedule a date and time that fits your schedule.

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Here is some information about me

Richard Bianco

Owner and Principal Attorney
I’ve represented business owners in the District for more than 17 years, from creation/set-up through sale or wind-down of operations and everything in between, including litigation. Call now or schedule an appointment online for more information.

If you don't see your specific industry or the service you are interested in listed, contact us, we will be happy to spend some time evaluating your legal needs

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