No Building Permits for “Slumlords”

The local media, government officials (usually when seeking re-election), housing advocates and the legal services community throw around the amorphous term “slumlord” to describe a landlord that treats tenants badly by failing or refusing to make needed repairs to a rental unit.  The point at which a landlord crosses over into ‘slumlord’ territory was anybody’s Read more about No Building Permits for “Slumlords”[…]

What Happens When Your “Section 8” Tenant Moves Out

On November 7, 2017, Council members Bonds and Nadeau introduced legislation to limit the rent that a landlord may charge for a unit after termination of a Federal or District subsidy. The Rental Housing Affordability Re-establishment Act of 2017 essentially provides, that upon termination of a tenant subsidy, a landlord may only charge a tenant the Read more about What Happens When Your “Section 8” Tenant Moves Out[…]

D.C. Office & Commission on Nightlife

The City Council introduced legislation enabling the creation of the Office & Commission on Nightlife(B-22-508). I put the link to the proposed legislation right upfront this time because I realize that what follows might be described as a light rant about how a Commission on Nightlife would not be necessary to advise the Mayor, if Read more about D.C. Office & Commission on Nightlife[…]