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Water damage from your neighbor’s property: Who is responsible?

In Other by Richard Bianco

I get a lot of phone calls every week about nuisance neighbors. I hear from people whose fence got obliterated by a falling tree, whose upstairs neighbor’s kid is doing gymnastics at 5:00 AM, or whose neighbor’s dog poops all over the shared balcony. Answers: a.) Call your insurance company. b.) Wake up at 4:00 AM and dribble a basketball off the ceiling until they get the message; c.) Fling the turds against their window hard enough to stick.

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D.C. Liquor License News

In Hospitality by Richard Bianco

The Board has been chugging along in the summer months, giving out licenses, approving agreements, punishing the wicked, business as usual. Some high profile establishments have closed or are closing because they simply couldn’t stand the regulatory heat. More than any time I can remember, it seems that establishments perceived as “bad operators” have investigatory hellfire rained down on them until there is no choice but to capitulate. That means having your compliance on-point, becomes more important than ever. Below, you will find links to my recent posts and details of upcoming programs to help you stay on top of your compliance obligations.