Kavanaugh confirmation hearing

Perspective on the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing

The Kavanaugh hearing is over. What now? By Ritika Malkani On September 27, 2018 the Senante Judiciary Committee, without a meaningful background fact investigation, conducted an eight (8) hour inquiry into sexual assault allegations brought by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The Committe did not entertain any testimony from witnesses other than Read more about Perspective on the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing[…]

water damage cases can be tricky

Water damage from your neighbor’s property: Who is responsible?

WATER DAMAGE FROM ADJACENT PROPERTIES IS A TRICKY ISSUE I get a lot of phone calls every week about nuisance neighbors. I hear from people whose fence got obliterated by a falling tree, whose upstairs neighbor’s kid is doing gymnastics at 5:00 AM, or whose neighbor’s dog poops all over the shared balcony. Answers:  a.) Read more about Water damage from your neighbor’s property: Who is responsible?[…]

DC Real Estate Law Update

DC Liquor License Update – March 2018

March Liquor License Update Here is what owners of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs need to know This month I wrote two posts about specific types of violations that cause DC Bar owners fits: sale to minors and investigation interference. Learn the anatomy of these issues, what you can do to avoid them, and how to Read more about DC Liquor License Update – March 2018[…]

Development Opportunities for District’s Vacant Properties

The District, through it’s tax, vacant, distressed and blighted property laws, owns a number of properties around the city. Over the years, different administrations have handled, and mis-handled these city-owned assets in a variety of ways. There have been sporadic sales, in a number of different forms, supposedly to meet various policy goals. On December Read more about Development Opportunities for District’s Vacant Properties[…]

TOPA’s Red-Headed Stepchild

In 2008, the Council passed the District Opportunity to Purchase Act (DOPA). As the name suggests, DOPA gives the District the right to purchase residential buildings, in certain circumstances, where the owner seeks to sell to a third party. The 2008 Act left many open questions for the Agency to resolve by promulgating regulations. On Read more about TOPA’s Red-Headed Stepchild[…]

Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure Protection

Wait a minute. I thought a reverse mortgage was an arrangement where the lender pays the owner every month.  How can there be a risk of foreclosure where the owner is receiving and not paying a monthly mortgage payment? The answer is simple. In any mortgage, an owner has obligations in addition to the monthly payment, and Read more about Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure Protection[…]

Rent Concessions To Be Outlawed

*** UPDATE: As of December 14, 2017, the proposed law on discounted rent has not been moved forward by the Council and remains in committee.  However, the Attorney General has filed a civil lawsuit against a NW D.C. landlord, which alleges that the landlord is committing consumer fraud by offering new tenants reduced or discounted Read more about Rent Concessions To Be Outlawed[…]