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The Board has been chugging along in the summer months, giving out licenses, approving agreements, punishing the wicked, business as usual.  Some high profile establishments have closed or are closing because they simply couldn’t stand the regulatory heat. More than any time I can remember, it seems that establishments perceived as “bad operators” have investigatory hellfire rained down on them until there is no choice but to capitulate. That means having your compliance on-point, becomes more important than ever. Below, you will find links to my recent posts and details of upcoming programs to help you stay on top of your compliance obligations.

Posts & Analysis

Security camera law catches licensees off-guard. Establishments with security plans find themselves in a catch-22. The Law simultaneously requires working cameras and to inform the Board in writing if the camera system is down. So by complying with the reporting law you are also admitting to breaking the working camera law. Find out how to reconcile your obligations [here]

News & Events

Licensee Orientation Training. August 16, 2018, 2-4PM. This training is good for both new and experienced licensees because the agenda includes a session about the news laws and regulations that recently went into effect.

Books and Records Training. September 20, 2018, Two (2) sessions 9-11 AM and 2-4 PM. Hotels and Restaurants have certain reporting requirements for food sales and record keeping. In this training, Agency personnel will review your compliance obligations.

Adams Morgan Moratorium Expiration. On August 27, 2018, the prohibition on issuance of new tavern and multipurpose licenses and on any nightclub licenses expires. The Board has already held a public hearing and ANC 1C has submitted its proposal for renewal of the moratorium. The Board has not yet announced its decision. If you are concerned about how this might impact your current tavern license, or your plans to open an establishment contact me.

Next Steps

I hope that you have found this content beneficial.  If you have additional questions, I welcome further discussion.  If you have general questions or a legal issue involving your liquor license, please, visit my websitebook a free case evaluation with me – or simply give me a call and I would be glad to set aside some time to speak with you.  


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