DC Clarifies Landlords’ Cleaning Obligation Under Coronavirus Law

In Legislation, Real Estate by Richard Bianco

While the eviction moratorium and rent freeze get all of the attention, housing providers have additional obligations under the Coronavirus laws. Recently, DCRA published an emergency rulemaking which sets out in detail certain cleaning requirements for landlords.

DCRA’s Rulemaking amends the Housing Code to include common area cleaning obligations in all rental properties, except those that are owner occupied. Specifically, a non-resident landlord must:

  • Clean and disinfect surfaces that are regularly touched, like doors, railings, seating, and mailbox exteriors on a regular basis, no less than once per day;
  • The person cleaning must wear disposable gloves and Personal Protective Equipment;
  • Cleaning must be done in two steps, first, with soap and water and then using an EPA registered disinfectant.
  • After each cleaning the cleaner must throw away the used gloves and wash hands for at least twenty (20) seconds.

The new regulations also impose recordkeeping requirements. Landlords now must maintain a cleaning log showing the dates and times of each cleaning as well as the name of the person completing the work.  The cleaning logs must be kept for at least 90 days and be provided to DCRA upon request. A complete version of the new regulations can be found on DCRA’s website.

While there are a number of legal hoops that landlords need to jump through during the pandemic, the most recent DCRA cleaning Regulations are good common sense, and simply codify things that landlords should be doing anyway. 

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