The District will give you money to lay off some security cost

DC Bars, Lounges and Nightclubs, concerned about cost effective security, need to get informed about two (2) government programs that can ease the burden on your budget. The MPD Reimbursable Detail Subsidy Program and the Private Security Camera Rebate Program.

For participants in the Reimbursable Detail Subsidy Program, ABRA will absorb a sizable chunk of the cost of having off duty MPD officers patrol the exterior of your establishment or outside event. The Private Security Camera Rebate Program can score you as much as $200 per camera, up to a total of $750 in discounts towards exterior camera costs.

MPD Reimbursable Detail

The Reimbursable Detail Subsidy Program is to encourage licensees to maintain adequate security without a heavy cost burden. For participants, presently, ABRA will cover 65% of costs of the increased patrols, which are available nightly until 5 a.m. and for special outdoor events, round the clock.

Due to fiscal concerns, in recent years, the subsidy percentage had dropped from 70% to 60%. However, in the summer of 2018, with the usual increase in foot traffic and outdoor entertainment plus major sporting events like the World Cup and Major League All-Star Game and the incumbent increased operating hours, the Board again raised the subsidy amount to 65%. The specific program requirements can be found here.

Private Security Camera Rebate

The Private Security Camera Rebate Program, is not just available to licensed establishments, but to residents, businesses, nonprofits, and religious institutions. For businesses, you can get up to $200 per camera, up to a total of $750, for your exterior camera system. The rebate must be applied to the cost of the camera, and not installation or service, but 200bucks is 200bucks. There are also some program requirements that you must comply with to qualify for the rebate, such as registration with MPD, certain minimum technical specifications, etc. The specific details can be found here.

With all the Holliday events and pub-crawls coming up to round out the year, it is a great time to enroll. If you have questions about these programs, your eligibility, or security requirements in general, contact me, or use the scheduling tool on my website to book a free case evaluation.

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