October 17, 2017


Real Estate Services

I provide a full complement of commercial and residential real estate services to owners, operators, and managers of residential and commercial buildings, and to tenants in commercial properties including:

  • Residential and commercial leasing services such as lease reviews, enforcement, negotiation, and  extension;
  • Regulatory compliance including business registration, rent control/exemption, and other regulatory filings and petitions such as rent increases, reduction in services, hardship, substantial rehabilitation/renovation, discontinuance of use and demolition;
  • Eviction cases in the Landlord & Tenant Branch of DC Superior Court;
  • Purchase and sale of rental housing, including compliance with the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA);
  • Administrative cases such as Tenant Petitions, Department of Public Works (DPW) or Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) citations, Notices of Infraction (NOI), and Notices of Violation (NOV);
  • Housing Conditions Court cases, if your tenant has filed a case in “tenant court” about housing code violations.
  • Community association services (Condominiums, Cooperatives and Homeowners Associations) I do everything from creation of the Condo, Co-op or HOA, to the turnover of control to the unit owners, warranty claims, general governance and compliance issues, insurance claims, amendment of legal documents, collection of assessments, and disputes between unit owners and the association.

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Liquor License Law

I represent bars, restaurants, liquor stores and other types of licensed establishments in all aspects of alcoholic beverage regulation.

Whether you need licensing services because you are trying to get a license, or because you are transferring a license to a new location or changing your operations or corporate structure I provide all of the licensing services that you may need, including representation in fact-finding, fitness, and protest hearings before the ABC Board.

If you have received a citation or investigative report because you are accused of a violation, or if the matter is more serious and an incident resulted in a summary suspension of your license, I can help. I represent establishments in show cause and summary suspension hearings before the ABC Board.

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Behavioral Health Care Providers

As a therapist, you may think of yourself as a healer, practicing a profession, and not as a “business person.”  However, there are a number of business, legal and regulatory issues that you must contend with, which come up time and again.  As a solo or member of a small group practice, you may barely have enough time to see your clients and keep up with your notes and billing.  Additionally, if something major occurs, like a lease dispute, licensing board charge, subpoena, lawsuit, or employee/contractor issue, you might not even know where to turn for help.  Unlike your counterparts who work for agencies or large practices, you don’t have an in-house lawyer to go to.

In addition to the usual services that I offer to all of my small business clients, for therapists, I provide a subscription-based “virtual in-house counsel” service, where, for a monthly fee, I provide recurring services, including, and perhaps most importantly, consultation at no additional cost, whenever a business, regulatory, compliance or ethical issue comes up in your practice, and you need guidance.

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Litigation Services

Whether you have been sued, or are currently involved in a dispute which you think may turn into litigation, I can help.  I have a full-service litigation practice and I represent both plaintiffs and defendants in all of my practice areas.

My services include representing parties in D.C. Superior Court, or before District Agencies, Offices, and Boards like the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, Rental Housing Commission or Office of Administrative Hearings. I understand that cases have different needs and I never take a “cookie-cutter” approach. Each matter is individually evaluated and when we meet, we will collaboratively formulate a litigation strategy to achieve your goals in the most cost-effective way possible.

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Getting Started…

Whether you know exactly what service you need, or you have a legal problem in one of my practice areas that you want an expert to review, reach out to me, and we can come up with the next steps together.

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